How does the after-sales service work?

Your Désirée Schmidt jewel is broken, unsoldered, damaged? You can send it to the workshop for refurbishment at the following address:

Desiree Schmidt

54 rue de Picpus

75012 Paris

The costs :

* Bracelet chain: 5 €

* Necklace chain: 10 €

* Chain of necklace: 15 €

* Welding: 10 €

* Resin: 10 €

* Lost earring: 50% of the price of the pair. It is possible to order the missing loop. Send an email to the following address: with an attached photo of the remaining loop. I will respond as soon as possible to the feasibility.

Send a check for the amount indicated above along with the jewelry to be repaired. If you have any doubts, you can send the payment in a second step once the jewel has been diagnosed. You can send your questions to the following address: