The jewels that you find on the Désirée Schmidt Paris site are made in my workshop.

This production in small series allows a regular renewal of the collections, a great freedom of creation and the fairest possible prices.

 making silver rings

Manufacturing methods differ from collection to collection. I always personally test the quality of the jewelry before offering it to you for sale. However, the delicacy of the jewelry and certain naturally fragile materials can make the jewelry relatively delicate. Therefore, to enjoy your jewelry as long as possible, the following recommendations are made:


My silver jewelry has blackened, what should I do?

Silver jewelry can darken and tarnish but don't worry, oxidation is a completely natural phenomenon that can be accentuated depending on various factors: the acidity of the skin, contact with perfumes, creams or even chemicals like chlorine. They may also turn black if stored in a humid place.

o You can make silver sparkle again by using a silver polish. There are also little homemade tips like toothpaste (very effective!).

o Always use a soft cloth to avoid scratching your jewelry.

If, despite cleaning, your 925 silver jewelry still shows stains, do not hesitate to contact me by email:


Costume jewelry is generally made of brass gilded with fine gold. It is a fine deposit of gold by electrolysis on a brass base. These jewels are the least expensive but also the most fragile.

I advise you not to sleep with your jewelry to avoid friction, not to expose them to water and acid solutions, such as perfume and soap. Take them off for sports or cleaning. In addition, if your skin is naturally acidic and your jewelry generally has a tendency to darken, you will need to be particularly careful to follow these tips to keep your jewelry golden for a long time. If the gold layer fades, it will reveal the coppery color of brass.

Cleaning the Gold Plated: Avoid contact with water, simply use a soft, dry cloth to revive the shine of your jewelry.


Stones are fragile materials: do not drop them to prevent them from cracking or being damaged. Our jewelry cannot be guaranteed against accidental breakage. To clean the stones, we recommend that you use a mild soap, water and a soft bristle brush (like a toothbrush), rinse and dry them by patting with a soft cloth.


The resin is pretty resistant to blows, but poorly to certain chemicals. Avoid direct contact with perfume, hydroalcoholic gel, lacquer, chlorine and chemicals in general.

If despite everything your jewelry were to deteriorate prematurely, contact me.