Desiree Schmidt Paris is:

* Jewelry 100% made in France since 2007

* Only one intermediary: the founder (located in Paris)

* Reusable and / or biodegradable packaging

* A personalized after-sales service

All Desiree Schmidt Paris jewelry is handcrafted in my workshop in Paris: design, models, design, manufacturing, welding, polishing, resin ... we can't do more local!

Desiree Schmidt Paris creations are timeless, they are formed with the seasons, time, mood ... some collections are already 10 years old!

Some editions are limited, others unique. Desiree Schmidt Paris jewelry is handcrafted, no piece of jewelry is exactly the same as the other.

Each piece of jewelry is made with care and love, the materials are selected for their solidity and quality. The costs are calculated as accurately as possible according to the raw material and the manufacturing time. All scraps are reused for new creations.

Each model is personally tested to verify its solidity and comfort.

The manufacturing of Desiree Schmidt Paris jewelry is intended to be as local as possible.

The creation, manufacturing, preparation of orders, site management ... everything is managed by one person: Desiree Schmidt (when I tell you it's human scale!)

If by mistake your jewelry was damaged, it can be repaired at any time (only silver jewelry). The after-sales service is there for that.

If a model does not satisfy you, you can exchange it (within a month), what matters to me is that it is worn.

Thank you for supporting French craftsmanship and creation!