After 5 years of study at the Boulle School in a metal workshop and two diplomas in my pockets, the awakening of a creativity that was hitherto shy is being felt.

Everything goes very quickly, first a few private orders, then the first exhibitions open to the public which are multiplying rapidly, timeless collections which are multiplying and growing success attest to the creative energy implemented.

Curiosity is the strong point of the diversity of the collections, it leads to innumerable experiments to find harmony in form and in material and leads to an unconventional practice of jewelry making.

Concrete floors, the composition of a flower, lace are among the many sources of inspiration ... there is a constant search for new forms and especially new material effects.

Influences are mixed with art nouveau, japonism, raw materials and delicate surfaces. "I need tactile contact with the elements, fabrics, woods, bitumen, anything that can have a texture. I like the simple things in life, the simple forms, the simple pleasures. I want my creations to tell a story to everyone ”.